23 February, 2022
mediAI-BA, artificial intelligence growth plate analysis solution, has been clinically validated by publishing paper in international journals

(Date: November 22, 2021)

 Crescom (CEO Jae Joon Lee), an artificial intelligence medical solution development company, announced on the 19th that a clinical validation paper on the bone age measurement method of mediAI-BA based on its GP and TW3 hybrid method was published in the prestigious international journal “Korean Journal of Radiology” and 'mediAI-BA's clinical efficacy and effectiveness have been officially confirmed.

 The researchers from the Department of Radiology and Department of Pediatrics at Korea University Anam Hospital, who led the study, said, “Through this clinical study, Crescom's mediAI-BA has confirmed its clinical value by presenting highly accurate AI analysis results and shortening the reading time.”

 According to the results of this study, mediAI-BA's bone age evaluation provides high-accuracy bone age results similar to those of a specialist, and can reduce the reading time by nearly 40%. Through this solution, the agreement among readers can be increased, which can contribute to increasing efficiency in the medical field. In addition, it was confirmed that mediAI-BA is a very useful diagnostic assistance medical software because medical personnel who do not have much experience in reading bone age refer to mediAI-BA and read results more than twice as accurate as reading without the solution.

 Jae Joon Lee, CEO of Crescom, who participated in this study, said, “After one year of launch, Crescom’s AI medical solution, which has been used with very high satisfaction in more than 100 hospitals, is once again published in an international academic journal on its effectiveness, stability, and efficiency. I am happy to be able to check In addition to the bone age solution, we plan to further spur performance verification and commercialization of Crescom's other AI medical solutions that are being developed and licensed.”

 Crescom's mediAI-BA is an artificial intelligence growth plate analysis solution that supplements the shortcomings of the existing bone age reading methods, GP and TW3, and integrates only the advantages. It is widely used in the medical field.

 The international academic journal “Korean Journal of Radiology” in which this thesis was published is an academic journal evaluated as prominent in the field of radiology, with the SCI citation index (SCI 5-Year Impact Factor) reaching 3.947 for 5 years as of 2020.