18 May, 2022
Crescom acquires permission from the MFDS for MediAI-FX, an artificial intelligence automatic wrist fracture detection solution

(Photo: Artificial intelligence wrist fracture detection and reading solution “MediAI-FX.” ⓒ Crescom Co., Ltd.)

 Crescom, an artificial intelligence medical data automatic analysis company, obtained a medical device manufacturing license in South Korea from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) for its artificial intelligence wrist fracture detection and reading solution “MediAI-FX” on May 4.

 Although wrist fractures are very common, they are easily missed when reading. The patient's stay in the emergency room may be prolonged because a specialist with a lot of experience reading the fracture in the clinical field cannot always be on standby. In addition, if the timing of fracture reading is missed, it may cause fracture nonunion, joint instability, pain, reduced mobility, and decreased hand function. In particular, when a scaphoid fracture is not detected, serious sequelae such as osteonecrosis can be left. As such, wrist fractures require timely and accurate diagnosis. However, in the case of a scaphoid fracture, it is relatively difficult to diagnose a fracture compared to other wrist regions.

 Based on these needs in the medical field, Crescom's newly developed “MediAI-FX” is the world's first approved medical device that can read wrist fractures, especially scaphoid fractures, which are very difficult to read. It is an artificial intelligence medical device software that assists medical staff in accurate and quick diagnosis by providing the fracture probability of a suspected fracture site by reading the X-ray image of a patient with a symptom of wrist fracture into MediAI-FX.

 Crescom launched MediAI-BA, an artificial intelligence growth plate analysis solution that obtained CE certification and medical device manufacturing license in South Korea in 2020. The AI growth plate analysis solution is already being used in many hospitals for bone age analysis of children and adolescents.
 Crescom has also been developing artificial intelligence medical image reading solutions specialized for the musculoskeletal system, such as automatic analysis solutions.