08 November, 2022
Crescom, a company that develops medical image analysis solutions focusing on musculoskeletal disease, participated in AOCR 2022 & KCR 2022 exhibition

Crescom Co., Ltd. (CEO Jae Joon Lee), a company with artificial intelligence technology specializing in musculoskeletal medical image analysis, announced that it participated in the 78th Korean Society of Radiology (KCR 2022) exhibition held at COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul from the 20th to the 24th September, and Crescom's medical solutions were successfully promoted.


In particular, the 20th Asian Oceanian Congress of Radiology (AOCR 2022) was held at the same time, and radiology medical personnel from Korea and the Asia-Pacific region participated in the exhibition.


At the AOCR 2022 & KCR 2022 exhibition, Crescom exhibited three AI imaging solutions, including ▲ bone age (growth plate) analysis solution MediAI-BA, ▲ scaphoid fracture readable solution MediAI-FX, and ▲ knee arthritis severity analysis solution MediAI-OA, to introduce the achievements of Crescom to many radiologists in Korea and abroad.


Crescom's MediAI-BA is a hybrid analysis method of GP and TW3, a bone-age reading technique, and helps doctors more accurately and conveniently read bone age. MediAI-FX is the world's first licensed medical device that can read scaphoid fractures, which are especially difficult to read among wrist fractures. MediAI-OA is a software that automatically quantifies and analyzes the severity of arthritis based on the KL grade for knee X-Ray images, and is currently in the clinical trial stage.


Crescom is actively collaborating overseas partners and licensing overseas to enter overseas markets. In addition, by researching medical AI solutions with major general hospitals in Korea, Crescom is continuously collaborating on the development of new solutions and the advancement of existing solutions.


Crescom CEO Jae Joon Lee said, "We are very pleased and proud to introduce Crescom's innovative musculoskeletal artificial intelligence medical software in Seoul, the largest academic society in the Asia-Oceania region," adding, "Crescom will do its best to provide timely, high accuracy and detailed analysis results in the medical field to enhance medical benefits in Asia and global regions beyond Korea."