25 September, 2023
Crescom, a medical artificial intelligence company, exhibited musculoskeletal medical image analysis solutions at the K-Hospital Fair 2023.

Crescom (CEO Lee Jae Joon), a medical artificial intelligence company, participated in KHF 2023 (K-HOSPITAL + HEALTH TECH FAIR with HIMSS), an international hospital and health technology fair held at COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul from September 14 to September 16. KHF 2023 is an event hosted by the Korean Hospital Association and serves as one of the best platforms for facilitating business exchange opportunities. It brings together the latest trends and innovative technologies in the medical industry, providing a centralized location for professionals to connect. This year, marking its 10th anniversary, numerous medical officials and visitors from home and abroad participated in the event.



(Photo provided by Crescom Co., Ltd.)


Following last year's conference, Crescom’s booth was set up in the "Digital Healthcare Special Exhibition," a joint hall (A14) organized by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA). Crescom also exhibited MediAI-OA, a quantitative analysis solution for knee arthritis, MediAI-BA, an artificial intelligence solution for analyzing bone age growth, and MediAI-FX, a wrist fracture detection solution which can also read scaphoid fractures that are difficult to read.


Crescom's MediAI-OA is software that comprehensively analyzes the severity of arthritis. It automatically analyzes the KL grade and quantitatively analyzes the rate of joint space reduction in knee X-ray images. Currently, it is undergoing clinical trials. MediAI-BA is a hybrid method that combines only the strengths of GP and TW3, which are widely used in bone age reading technique around the world. When a doctor with limited experience in bone age reading consults MediAI-BA for assistance, it is more beneficial than reading alone. This bone age analysis solution has undergone clinical trials and has been confirmed by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) to significantly improve accuracy, more than doubling it. MediAI-FX is the world's first approved medical device that can interpret scaphoid fractures, which are very difficult to diagnose among wrist fractures.


These solutions received a lot of attention from domestic and foreign medical officials attending KHF 2023. Crescom plans to actively pursue collaboration by holding follow-up meetings regarding AI medical solutions with several medical officials after the exhibition through business consultations.