29 November, 2023
Crescom ‘MediAI-BA’ designated as Venture Innovation Procurement Product

Crescom (CEO, Jae Joon Lee), a company specializing in artificial intelligence for automatic analysis of medical images, announced on the 28th of November that its artificial intelligence solution for bone age analysis, 'MediAI-BA', has been approved as a venture innovation procurement product by the Public Procurement Service(PPS).


Venture startup innovation procurement products are products or services designated for registration with Venture Nara. This is a project by the Public Procurement Service(PPS) that aims to support the entry and promotion of products from venture start-ups into the procurement market and public purchasing channels. Among the products produced by venture, goods or services with excellent technology and quality are approved through reviews and recommendations from government agencies or through reviews by the Public Procurement Service.


"MediAI-BA" is an artificial intelligence-based solution for analyzing bone age. It utilizes a hybrid method that incorporates patented technology to address the limitations of existing bone age reading techniques, such as GP and TW3 while leveraging their strengths. By improving the efficiency and accuracy of bone age analysis in children and adolescents, this technology aids medical professionals in making accurate and prompt diagnosis. Currently, MediAI-BA is being widely used by around 300 medical hospitals and clinics, with a high level of satisfaction.


Jae Joon Lee, CEO of Crescom, said, "MediAI-BA has been acknowledged for its exceptional quality and functionality, and has been designated as a venture innovation procurement product." He further added, "It will continue to serve as a solution that can contribute to the overall well-being and development of children and adolescents."


Meanwhile, in addition to MediAI-BA, Crescom also has MediAI-OA, an arthritis severity quantification analysis solution, MediAI-FX, a wrist fracture detection solution capable of accurately interpreting challenging scaphoid fractures, and MediAI-AS,  an automatic evaluation solution for ankylosing spondylitis.


(Photo provided by Crescom Co., Ltd.)